Rhiannon Sue Fisk is a performer, artist and designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Her whimsical beadwoven creations are inspired by her many and varied experiences playing characters, singing stories, and constructing enchanted environments on stages around the Twin Cities and beyond. Daily work in the realms of music, circus, and theatre – in addition to the constant and conspicuous changing of the seasons in her Midwest home – provide the wellspring of inspiration she taps to devise her beaded sculptures and wearable art.

Raised beside four younger sisters, Rhiannon was always happiest creating costumes for their homespun basement plays, decorating their home for every conceivable holiday or making handmade gifts with whatever was laying around. Involved in acting from a young age, she didn’t consider herself much a visual artist until a series of crafting obsessions, like artful bread crumbs, led her to beadwork as a medium.  She graduated from simple embellishment of fashion accessories to creating  full-blown wearable art in a hurry.  The second beadwoven piece she ever made won a ribbon in the MN State Fair fine arts competition, and she’s been working on continually larger and more complex projects ever since.  

Utilizing unusual resources and building something from (almost) nothing are skills she prides herself on, having honed them first in Odyssey of the Mind (a creative problem-solving competition) as a young girl and further still in her theatrical work. A love of the abstract, combined with an intensely colorful aesthetic which relies heavily on collage, gives her work its signature whimsical appeal.

Rhiannon recognizes the influence of many of the following visionaries on her work, all for whom she holds deep and abiding love and respect, for they open new doors in her imagination daily and continue to guide her heart and hands in matters creative and practical: Joseph Campbell, Mr. Rogers, Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, and Jim Henson. Long live the ideals of myth, fantasy, personal truth, and intrigue!

To find out what’s currently happening onstage in Rhiannon’s world, check out the website of her ban
d, Lingua Luna, or that of Circus Juventas, the youth circus school where she spends her weekdays.